The Courtyard Behind My Studio

Rocky the bullterrier infront of a 1936 Mercedes

Tomi, Silvy, Manuela, Trixi, Wembley and Tatjana

Herr and Frau Fleischer in their engagement outfits with their dog Putzi

At the corner of Hufelandstrasse and Bötzowstrasse

The bride and groom Herr and Frau Dressler

My neighbor Frau Töpfer with her grandson René

Frau Seellig and her dog Teddy

N0. 34, a missing tooth left by the war, with a Trabant 500

Stockroom of the flooring and wallpaper cooperative store

Margret (in red), her mother (left) her partner Wolfgang, and her neighbor Frau Rischko

Margot Schulz, disabled retiree, with three of ther fourteen children

Daniela from secutiry and her partner Bernd from the car pool of the same factory

My telephones