The Photographic Grain is our Ultimate Benchmark


RGB Photographic Scans

When it comes to digital fine art printing from negatives or chromes, there is no
better alternative to drum scans. Unlike flat bed scanners, drum scans do not
require the application of harsh filters in order to sharpen the image.
On our ICG 370 HS and ICG 380 high end drum scanners we create scans
larger than 2 GB for fine art photographers from both chromes and negatives,
from any film size up to A3+, with a maximum resolution of 12,000 dpi. 

CMYK Pre-Press Scans
We provide fully ICC-profiled and color-calibrated scanning in any printing profile.
We are partners with experienced certified specialists in the field of proofing.

Film Formats
We accept 35mm, roll film up to 42 cm (16") in length, 4x5", 5x7", 8x10", 11x14",
30x40cm. We scan full film format including margin and without cropping

Wet Mounting 
We use products from Scanner Drum Service (SDS AG) in Germany which have
been preferred by professional scanners for more than 20 years. After scanning,
all scanning 
fluids, such as SDS Anti Newton Gel (for 35mm film) and SDS Anti
Newton Oil (for middle format and sheet film), are removed, residue-free, with SDS
Film Cleaner.With the use of scanning Mylar®, your film never comes in contact
with the scanning tape.